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ISO/IEC 20000 Certification

Gartner recommends BS 15000

This recommendation has come as no surprise to many of the early adopters of BS 15000

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The Early Adopters are a group of companies who are seriously interested in BS15000. Represented companies include Barclays, BBC, Centrica, CGEY, Co-operative bank, GlaxoSmithKline, Police IT Organization, Yorkshire Building Society and Xansa. The BSI committee runs the forum responsible for authoring BS15000. The early adopters have trialed version 1 of BS15000 and its associated workbook, PD0015.


Feedback from these trials has been taken into account to drive the changes in version 2 that is due out in November. At the latest forum the major changes to version 2 of BS15000 were presented to the early adopters in order to take final feedback. The major changes are:


-          the combining of availability management and service continuity

-          the removal of charging from the financial management element of the standard as this is an optional activity

-          the inclusion of the -plan, do, check, act- process flow to conform to ISO9000.


Marval, the service management consultancy, product and training organisation, are themselves an early adopter of BS15000. Don Page, Managing Director, introduced a presentation of his companies- own experiences on implementing BS15000. His key message was that it has made them move from a -should- to a -shall- mentality - they knew they should be following a lot of best practice procedures but now realise that these must become the norm. Sue Flory, Marval project manager for the implementation, said that the initial investment is already showing benefits and that she would recommend this to any company who is serious about customer service. Further information available from marval.


In March Gartner published a paper entitled -The effects of the British Standard for IT Service Management- (reference SPA-13-3434). This paper was presented to the Early Adopters of BS15000 Forum in May.  Gartner believes BS15000 to be -a major step toward IT service delivery becoming mature and stable with a level of cross enterprise consistency-.  The paper identifies many benefits to industry, end-user enterprises and external service providers. Conditions for success are seen as ensuring that the application of BS15000 -must be seen to drive improvements and not bureaucracy-. For global companies such as GlaxoSmithKline an international (ISO) equivalent is required for BS15000 to achieve the maximum impact. Gartner predict BS15000 will move into an ISO standard. The final Gartner recommendations are:


Enterprises should adopt ITIL service management as a discipline

All improvements should be based on ITIL and BS15000 so that future certification is possible


The early adopters were pleased to see that Gartner endorsed their own thinking and commitment to the standard.


Updated versions of the following standard and its associated publications are now available:


-         BS 15000-1:, IT Service Management (Part1: Specification for service management)

-         BS 15000-2:, IT Service Management (Part2: Code of practice for IT service management)

-         PD 0005:, A Manager-s guide to service management

-         PD 0015:, IT service management - Self assessment workbook


Copies of these can be purchased from the itSMF


By: Lynda Cooper, Executive Consultant, Xansa

Date Posted: 25 July


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