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ISO/IEC 20000 Certification

New Australian Standard for ICT Service Management Published (*NEW*)

AS8018 Launch

Full Story

This week, Standards Australia has published AS8018 - Australian Standard for ICT Service Management.

This standard is a clone of BS15000 - British Standard for IT Service Management, and will generally be referred to as AS8018 / BS15000.

This publication marks another step in the maturing of IT Service Management principles, by establishing an Australian Standard that embodies the key concepts contained in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Australia is the first nation in the world (after Britain) to establish a national standard.

Whilst the standard is essentially a clone of the well-known BS15000, there are a number of subtle differences:

  • the number - unfortunately, the number AS15000 was not available, and the Australian number reflects its position in a proposed set of standards related to Corporate Governance and IT Governance (the 8000 series)

 British Number Australian Number 

 BS 15000-1:

AS 8018.1-

 BS 15000-2:

AS 8018.2- 

  • the title - replaces "IT" with "ICT" (Information and Communications Technology). This reflects the need to apply service management principles to telecommunications management, as well as pure information technology management.

  • the scope - an additional clause was added to the Scope, to emphasise the need for the Standard to be used by product and service vendors. The added clause is:

    "It may be used:

    (g) by businesses selling IT systems, who wish to ensure their products are delivered correctly customized and configured."


itSMF is working with industry partners and itSMF UK to establish a Certification Scheme in Australia. The scheme will be identical to the scheme operating out of the UK, and therefore Australian certification will have the same authority and credibility as UK-based certification. The scheme will be administered by the Joint Accreditation System for Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ), on behalf of itSMF.

Organisations wishing to become certified should talk to their current quality management systems auditors or itSMF.


The first BS15000 training course is being conducted on 5 - 7 August, immediately after the itSMF National Conference.

Subsequently BS15000 will be delivered by Australian ITSM training organisations, but there is a process of course development and accreditation to be undertaken yet.

Getting Copies

Copies of AS8018 (parts 1 and 2) are available from Standards Australia (in either paper or pdf format) through their web site standards (search for 8018).

Supporting documents

PD 0005, IT Service Management-A Managers Guide.

PD 0015, IT Service Management-Self-assessment Workbook.

These are not being republished by Standards Australia, but are available from them.

It is also hoped that arrangements can be made between itSMF and Standards Australia so that itSMF can sell the documents to members.

BS15000 at the Conference

In addition to the training course mentioned above, there will be three other conference events on BS15000 - a workshop by Brian Kerr, a presentation by Aidan Lawes and an update on the current status of certification processes in Australia by Ralph Gray (Vice President, itSMF Australia).

Date Posted: 31 July


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